Saturday, July 27, 2013

And Now We Rewind a Little Bit

I've got a pretty firm grasp on this story's chronology.  It's before Night Watchman and after The Atomic Punk, almost exactly halfway between the two actually.  Not a lot of setup required for this one, hell, I probably didn't even need to write up a primer post for this story, but with the shift in identity and how out of order I've been writing these I figure it can't hurt to keep things clear.  This is Wesley working under the same identity as he was in The Atomic Punk.  Enjoy.

PS - I've started a separate tab for stories set in this superhero universe called "B-Listers", it's below my Followers tab and above the About Me tab.  So, if anyone wants a quick and easy way to find just those stories check it out.  I'm also working on a title for this universe and, as you can probably guess, the current working title for it is B-Listers.  I pretty much made it up on the spot when I decided to make that tab, so I'm still not sure how I feel about it.  If you've got any other suggestions, lemme know in the comments.

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