Saturday, November 9, 2013

Table of Contents

Okay, so I have a little gizmo on the side of my blog that organizes and directs people to the stories I've written for my current project (still need a better name for it, I've got three or four possibilities and I don't like any of them haha), but I think I want a post that acts as a table of contents so I can post a link to a specific post that lets people start from the top and just roll through the stories.  Considering I've only got four followers and scarce few readers this might be completely gratuitous, but hey, if I don't take my writing seriously who will?  So here it is, a nice, clean table of contents.

Stories in Chronological Order:
The Atomic Punk

His Name Is Alan Thompson

Golden Age Wesley

An Origin Story (Because Who Doesn't Love Flashbacks?) (Part 1)

An Origin Story (Because Who Doesn't Love Flashbacks?) (Part 2)

Growing Pains


Date Night

A Brief and Uneventful Interlude

Sewer Rat

The Comedown

First Time

Magnetic Moment

Held Hands and Hate Crimes

Nuclear Family Fission
Miscellaneous Stories to Appear Later:
Night Watchman

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  1. Just popped over from FanStory to try to follow your blog. Check mine out at I'm loving your Tales of the Atomic Punk, by the way.