Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And Now For Something Entirely Different...

Well shit.  Things have slowed down pretty good and I've got more time on my hands to actually get a bit of writing done.  However, I'm not back in the swing of things just yet.  The brain's like a muscle and all that jazz.  The fiction-writing portion of my brain has gotten a bit flabby of late, but I don't wanna keep neglecting this blog so it's time for an experiment...or a compromise if we're being accurate.  I've got a part of story that I'm satisfied with.  I like the story idea, I like the portion that I've written out, and I'm gonna post it and pretend that I've got enough followers to actually get some feedback on it in hopes of spurring me forward and toning my brain back up.  If any of you ladies and gentlemen care to feed my delusions then please lemme know whatcha think of this introductory excerpt and this experiment as well.  If this little experiment actually pans out (and who the hell actually expects that it will?) I'll prolly give this another shot--and even if I don't get any feedback I'll prolly still do this again if it tickles me right.

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