Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Point of Order

           This is my blog.  I'm writing this for the very simple purpose of expressing myself.  The main way I do this is through writing, mostly short stories and mostly dark and twisted stories at that.  If that is not your cup of tea, this blog might not be either.  No hard feelings. 
I plan on posting a lot of my already written stories over time and then adding in new stories whenever they become available (AKA when I write them and polish them up a bit).  I never feel like a story is finished and am always making improvements to them, so if you read one and have some constructive feedback (good or bad), please feel free to let me know.  

On that same note, if anyone's here to mindlessly bash me for the sake of making themselves feel better, feel free to kindly fuck off.  I won't pay you any mind and I do hope that no one else will bother wasting their time either.

In between stories or when something strikes my fancy I will most likely post other things on this blog.  Some will be related to writing, some to music, some to life in general.  I’m the kind of person who rambles and rants with noticeable frequency.  I speak my mind and offer my opinions, but rarely do I say I am unequivocally correct.  I try not to be one of those crazies.  Hopefully these interludes are interesting, entertaining, or at the very least don’t get me any letter bombs sent my way.
On the topic of feedback, feel free to send it my way on any number of things.  Tell me whatcha think of my stories, give your two cents on an album I posted my thoughts on, send me a movie recommendation about something you just saw in theaters and loved, etc.  I love finding out new things and am always trying to find new resources to do just that.
Thanks to anyone who is actually paying attention to this blog.

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